Polish Government Announces Large-Scale Building Thermomodernization Program

Polish Government Announces Large-Scale Building Thermomodernization Program
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As reported by the Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has announced the "Przyjazne Osiedle" (Friendly Neighborhood) program, which aims to thermomodernize buildings made of precast reinforced concrete panels. This program aims to improve the energy efficiency of residential buildings with the goal of saving energy and reducing heating costs.
The Polish government has already adopted a long-term strategy for building renovation, which includes approximately 7.5 million thermomodernization investments by 2050. This strategy aims to transform Poland's building stock into low-energy consumption buildings.

The goal is to achieve an annual average of 3.8% of thermomodernizations and ensure that 65% of buildings by 2050 have energy consumption below 50 kWh/m²/year.

Thermomodernization is a significant issue and should not be just an electoral topic. Poland has around one million "energy vampires," which are high-energy-consuming buildings that require urgent modernization.

This initiative offers substantial economic opportunities and will contribute to sustainable development.

In 2023, seven international groups (Daikin, Danfoss, Knauf Insulation, Rockwool, Saint-Gobain, Signify, and Velux) formalized an agreement to promote energy efficiency in buildings in Central and Eastern Europe, including Poland.

The importance of government policies to overcome barriers to building renovation and improve air quality, public health, and energy security is emphasized.

Thermomodernization of residential buildings can lead to significant energy savings, reducing both direct user consumption and natural gas use. Window replacement could further reduce heating needs.